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Getting Ready for Hurricane Ian

I know I am late, but right on time for hurricane preparation as we have a storm heading our way.

The two most significant impacts on our homes are wind and water. Every day during hurricane season, we hear over and over the standard hurricane preparation tips, and although all are extremely important, I wanted to discuss some essential tasks that are often overlooked and not talked about.

1. Door threshold and seals are the parts of the exterior door that meet the frame and ground. These provide protection against air leaks as well as water intrusion. If you can see the light through the sides, top, or bottom of your exterior doors, it is time to replace or repair the seals. During the driving rain from intense storms, you can have water through those unprotected areas, and at minimum, you will have a mess to clean up. This also impacts the efficiency of your home every other day of the year.

If you find any issues with the seals, temporarily cover them with plastic and towels, then after the storm, call a professional to make the repairs (unless you can contact us before the storm, fixed right is always best)

2. Check windows for cracks, integrity, caulking/seals, and trim around the window. This simple visual inspection will let you know if any areas need attention. Check windows screens as well; if they are loose, remove them until after the storm, then have them repaired or replaced.

3. Gutters, make sure they are clean, and the spout at the bottom has an extension to take water far away from your foundation (consider the neighbor's home). Get the water exit as close to the storm drain or water retention area as possible.

4. Make sure your electrical panel is straightforward, easy, and assembled correctly. Before the power goes out, you can shut off nonessential breakers, and when it goes off, turn them all off. This way, when the power comes back on, it will not surge through the home. When it is back on (if there is no damage or suspected to the house), have someone near the room watching for any electrical issues.

You must contact a professional if you have any questions or concerns; these are just suggestions and are not intended to take the place of individual professional advice, as every situation is different. Please reach out if you need any help or advice.

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