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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Wow what an adventure, our family has been so blessed throughout the years, but that has not come without hard work. It is hard to imagine our lives without a family business, in fact that is how Jessica and I met, I was building out my first coffee shop in Leesburg Va. and waiting for paint to dry when this beautiful woman caught my eye, yep you guessed it, Jessica. After an accident that about took my finger off and a date, that she didn't know was a date, we quickly became best friends. Now although that is how it all started there has been so much since and still so much to come, and we can't wait.

The hardest part about being in this industry and working with such amazing people is saying "are you sure?" sometimes. Our clients are often new to building, renovation or any of our services and sometimes this means they have dreams that goes beyond the original budget. Now we are always happy to oblige, but we have been in their shoes before and have even regretted spending the extras# money, so we can (and have) honestly acted as the voice of reason and help them find better/ less expensive ways to achieve similar results. Serving others and having a true passion for making dreams come true comes at a price, we work a lot, but that hard work allows us to have a ton of fun as a family, so we would not trade it for the world.

Back to that adventure, so after we met I was blessed with an amazing son and almost 3 years later we had our beautiful daughter. Looking back these two was when the real adventure began... Matthew Cooper

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